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We help organizations in recruiting the perfect Chinese-speaking candidates by aiding in Mandarin vocabulary training to enter the profitable Chinese job market. You can finally impress your client with the correct Mandarin phrases for a positive outcome all the while helping yourself when journeying through China.

Mandarin Recruitment

To ensure a seamless expansion into China, it is paramount that your business quickly and cost-effectively connects with top Chinese-speaking talent. By partnering with us, you’re able to hire and onboard the very best Chinese-speaking individuals for the job.

Recruitment assistance

Resume translations

Mandarin Corporate Training

To be effective in the Chinese business market requires understanding their corporate culture and cultural identity. Hànyǔ will guide you through essential Chinese business etiquette and key vocabulary building tailored to meet your industry. Thereby, further simplifying the complex navigation of Chinese culture required when traveling through China for business or leisure.

Chinese business culture training

Key vocabulary and phrases training

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