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Our Services

Video Creation

Our video production utilizes the perfect meld of dialect and tone required to communicate your product or service in Mandarin to a variety of audiences.

Chinese Content Writing

From websites to brochures and all the way to brand guides, our penmanship comprises of professional content in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese to entice your readers.

Chinese Business


With professional penmanship and ethereal design, our Mandarin business cards are developed to communicate your brand & services to the Chinese demographic.

Creating Localized Marketing Collateral

We are connoisseurs of providing marketing material ranging from brochures, newsletters, white papers to proposals & presentations in Traditional or Simplified Chinese.

Website Localization and Translation

We provide unparalleled localization & translation for your website needs in the form of traditional web content to blog posts in Traditional or Simplified Chinese.

Our Services

Content Creation Design

Hànyǔ utilizes effective calligraphic & typographic techniques to design customer-friendly content in order to provide you with a competitive edge.

Why Should you Localize
Your Content?

It is important to accurately communicate your content to the target Mandarin speaking audience rather than repurpose existing material to a generic Chinese audience. This allows for an effective vehicle to deliver your content to a Mandarin audience of varying to deliver your content to a Mandarin audience of varying backgrounds be it for business or social purposes.

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